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It wouldn’t be a wedding without flowers right?

So you are about to day ‘I do’.  Firstly alililililili congratulations! This is a beautiful time in your life but can be overwhelming too. To equip you in making the appropriate choices around flowers and to enjoy the experience, here are a few tips to guide you. So you need to decide on flowers.  Wedding flowers can be simple or bold, they can complement the décor or contrast but what is important is that they help you create the day you’ve dreamt of.

Determine your wedding style and decide on a look

It is important to consider trends and your budget but your preference, style and personality comes first.  So your florist is there to offer guidance to use flowers to help create theme or look.  So have a lot of questions for the florist.  So start by doing some research, look at bridal magazines, look at what is happening on social media to get a feel of what flowers you like.

Do your Wedding Flower research

No you do not need to know all the different flowers out there, their names and when they are in season etc.  That’s why you hire a florist!

There are classic wedding flowers such as roses, lilies, lizianthus, peonies or our very own own proteas.  You do not have to use these.  To help you decide, you will need to consider the feeling/look you want to create, personality and style, whether the flowers are in season, your budget as well as the weather when getting married.

For instance peonies are an expensive choice of flowers so if your budget cannot accommodate that then your florist will guide you in choosing something more appropriate.  If you are getting married during summer and you are in a hot climate like South Africa, flowers like hydrangeas might be tricky as they do not like heat.  As Africans customs mostly require the wedding to be at home, and in most cases in an old style tent which will be very hot then consider using flowers that will stand the heat and not die midway while you are busy with traditional customs.

Wedding Flower Budget

Know your numbers, just as much as you have a budget for catering, your wardrobe and in our African cultures a budget to perform all the customs and rituals you need to do.  Flowers too need a budget. You need to be real about how much you can spend on flowers.  This can help your florist guide you on what flowers you can use given the budget in order to get a look as close as possible to what you’d like to create.  Maybe you can use expensive flowers for your bouquet and not on all centre pieces.  If you are open with your florist on the flower budget then they are able to use their expertise to guide you accordingly.  Remember that all flowers are beautiful whether cheap or expensive, it is more important is to create a look that will carry your style, theme etc.

Your wedding colours and theme vs your Wedding Flowers

Flowers do not have to be the same as your wedding colours.  Different colour flowers can be used to enhance the wedding colours.  These could be pale pastel colours or bold colours. They can complement or contrast your wedding colours creating something beautiful.  Again, the expertise of your florist will come in handy.  The venue lighting, whether the venue is largely crisp white or has a lot of wood, if you will use white or dark colour table cloths etc. can affect the colour of flowers you use.

Where will your wedding and reception flowers feature?

Will you have flowers in the church? At church you may want to have flowers at the altar, the pew and the entrance.  Some churches ask the couple to have altar flowers that they then donate to the church for the week.  Find out what your church requirements are as this could affect your budget if you didn’t plan on it.

Will you have flowers at your reception? If so, will this be in a form of centre pieces and any other places to create the look you are after.  Will you have flowers for the entire bridal party?  Will these include bridesmaids, the groom and grooms men, the bride and grooms mother?

Choosing the bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet, this is your most important and intimate floral arrangement of the day.  Do not skimp on this one.  There are different styles of bouquets that you can use, that is hand tied or round bouquet which is more popular, the cascading bouquet which is more elaborate or exotic and tropical bouquet.  So the bridal bouquet is an accessory that will complete your look so your dress should be considered when deciding on the bouquet.  Choice of flowers is also important, share with the florist how the day will run and they can advise on appropriate flowers.  Have someone look after your bouquet until all photo’s are taken, no wants to have pics with dead flowers.

While there is a lot out there, remember that your choice of flower arrangement should reflect your personality and taste.  They are there to help you create a theme or look.

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