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Indoor plant parenting tips for beginners

A number of you have expressed fear of looking after indoor plants. Don’t be scared, you can do this.  No, you do not need green fingers, they are fine in their original colour 😊.

Let me share with you a story about my first plant. I was 18 years, in my first year of varsity.   My mom who really loves plants, decided that I needed a plant in my varsity room. I didn’t think so but didn’t say anything, so she brought me a fern for my res room. So, every end of term when my dad came to fetch me from res, I would take it home.  But that poor fern was in a critical state ☹. During the school holidays, my mom would nurse it back to life, then at the end of each term my fern would be critical but stable.

Almost about a decade later, after buying my first property my own journey with plants started.  I got a cut off from my Grandfather’s arrow vine.  I managed to grow that so big I got a second plant from that.  Arrow vine is in most of our parents’ homes and is easy to look after, loves sunlight and I water my Arrow vine once or twice a week.

My advice is start with a plant that is easy to look after.  That will fit into your surrounding and your lifestyle.  There are so many positives to having plants around us, and they are hardy and bounce back most of the time.

Share your journey with us!

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