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What to consider when shopping for indoor plants for your home.

Buying plants can be a bit overwhelming at times. Herewith some tips to help you with indoor plants selection. Consider the following:

Which Room

First, you need to decide which room you need a plant for. Is it the bathroom, the bedroom, lounge or kitchen? This will help you in choosing the size of the plant. For instance, the bathroom will need a plant that can survive or thrive in humidity as you shower or bath in there everyday.

Interior Décor

Consider the room’s style, then look at a plant that will complement and enhance.  At times adding something that contrasts also works. So look at indoor plants and décor pieces as well.  Then find a planter that finishes the look, these days you can use almost anything as a planter.  Use your creative license 😊.


It is very important to consider the lighting in that room in order to find a plant that will thrive there.  There are plants that love lots of light, or light to partial shade, some do ok with not much light at all.  Check whether the room gets a lot of light or little to no light, otherwise you will and the plant will be frustrated.

Life style

Once you know the room, the style that room carries as well as the light; you now have to consider your life style.  Do you travel a lot and are hardly ever at home, or are always out? Do you live alone with no one to water your plant when you are not there? If you spend long periods of time away from home with no one to water the plant, don’t get a plant that needs to be watered at least weekly and needs a considerable amount of sunlight to thrive. Get something that fits into your lifestyle and will not stress you as that is not the aim.


Happy shopping

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