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Schedule taking a break into your busy schedule

It’s been a rough 18 months, most of us have lost loved ones, lost income but we still soldier on! We have experienced a lot of stress, not being able to go out and spend time with those we care for.  We are scared to make any financial commitments as we are not sure what tomorrow brings.

I know you feel like a holiday or a spa day but most of us can hardly afford that currently.  Our wellness range is aimed at bringing the spa to your home.  Our aromatherapy bath salts have no chemicals, salts used will soothe and relax those aching muscles.

Essential oils used will help you relax, calm down and bring down those heightened anxiety levels.  They are great to enjoy at the end of the day and make a perfect gift especially during these stressful times.  So, turn your bathroom into a home spa and allow yourself some much-needed break and spoil yourself.  Or even for that colleague or friend that is maybe self-isolating and going through the most, help them manage those stress levels.

So go on and try the Repa bath range which have lovely geranium essential oils, or the Maikutlo range which has jasmine oils that will rejuvenate you or our much-loved Lala range which has Lavender and eucalyptus making it a firm favourite!


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