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A Father’s Role!

Fathers are far more than just second parents in our homes.  Fathers are more than just providing financial support and protection. Fathers  promote strength and inner growth.

My perspective about a father is from myself, a daughter to an amazing father.  Fathers provide different social experiences for their children; they introduce their children to a variety of methods of dealing with life.

My Dad & I have a special, seasoned relationship now.  I remember in my first year of university, my father drove me to go register.  He let me register on my own while he waited in the car, I was so scared and would have preferred he helped me through the process and helped me navigate the ins and outs  of that campus. Then, I never understood why he let me go through the registration process and navigate campus alone. I kept thinking to myself at that time “ What if I messed up my university registration “’.  But only now I understand that, that is how my dad parented me; He gives you just enough support to go forth but he doesn’t physically hold your hand. One thing, I knew then and I still know is that, I can always run to him should I need to but he will not do it for you.

Fathers turn to love their children more dangerously, they play rough with their kids and are most likely to encourage risk-taking.  They prepare their children for the challenges of life.  Perhaps, that is why children always want to make their dad proud.  

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