Why you need PLANTS around you, especially NOW!

  • Aug, 18 , 20
  • Tshego Ratshidi

We are all going through tough times currently with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Which has brought on a lot of challenges for most of us, be it financial, physical, emotional etc.  The pandemic has really affected our mental wellness, suddenly anxiety, depression, stress is a big part of our lives.

What do plants have to do with this you ask? Did you know that having plants around you helps with anxiety, stress and depression?   Indoor plants have super powers of lifting your moods and reducing stress levels. They also brighten up your home or office.  Seeing your plants grow really calms your mind.  In these tough times, when it looks like everything is on a downward spiral; growing plants can give us hope.

So, go ahead, choose a plant you love that will uplift your mood, while decorating your home or office desk.  No, you don’t need green fingers; mine are not 😊. Start with something easy, the aim is to reduce stress not add stress. So look at succulents  or cacti 😊.

I also have to add that if you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression do also consider the South African Depression and Anxiety Group http://www.sadag.org/.

If you have any questions about plants, please email us on info@bleuroseflowers.co.za or DM us on any of our social media platforms