Expressing emotions through flowers

Bleu Rose Flowers Plants and Gifts, was founded by Tshego Ratshidi.  The business started operating fully in 2018, we started by selling only flowers. 

You might be wondering why a flower business? After not finding satisfaction in the corporate world, I decided to start a flower business as flowers and plants were my first love, which I had grown to love and appreciate.  I had space on my property which I decided to convert into a flower and plant garden.  Whilst I was working in the corporate world I couldn’t wait to get home and garden or spend my Saturday mornings in the garden working and enjoying being with nature. Plants and flowers have healing powers, they help us with dealing with anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Another turning point in my life came when I lost my Grandmother, who I was very fond of and close to. I, then decided to live a more fulfilling life by doing one of the things I love the most and that is flowers and plants and sharing the healing effects of plants and flowers with those that need it.

I love what I do and find it more satisfying, as the saying goes “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” I am loving the journey! although exhilarating and scary at times but exciting none the less.

And that’s how Bleu Rose Flowers was born.  It helps its customers to express emotions through flowers.  These customers are individuals, small business as well as corporate and private events.  They need to express emotions such as ‘get well soon, the office is not fun without you’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘condolences’, ‘happy anniversary’, ‘congratulations’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’ etc. This is done by offering its creatively crafted flowers and delivering these in Johannesburg and in some parts of Cape Town.

The business has since grown its offering to include plants and gifting. These include indoor plants, fruit baskets as well as snack boxes.  We also provide gifting services for special day gifting like women’s day gifts as well as year-end gifting for small business and corporate who would like to show appreciation to their clients!